We Proudly Support

We're proud of the charities we support and reaching over £1000 in donations.

We have led campaigns throughout the years dedicated to contributing a portion of profits to charities which are close to Paguro’s heart:


Work for Good - Paguro


The campaigns are designed to raise awareness and generate donations to charities which represent problems caused by fast fashion.


Care International

CARE International UK is a charity which works around the world to save lives, fight poverty and help women and girls fulfil their potential. Paguro Upcycle’s founder, Yen Goo, donated a portion of profits to the not-for-profit ahead of International Women’s Day in March 2020.

Care International


Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans International is a charity which addresses the issue of plastic pollution, and also helps to save the critically endangered sea life.

Plastic Oceans UK


Transforming Lives for Good

Transforming Lives for Good is a national charity fighting to bring hope and a positive future to struggling children in the UK, which was part of Paguro Upcycle’s annual Christmas 2020 fundraising campaign.

Transforming Lives for Good


Continuing our fight against Fast Fashion

Yen Goo, founder and owner of Paguro Upcycle, who leads the charitable efforts has this to say:

“As an ethical fashion store, we need to practice what we preach and help raise awareness and donations for charities which represent the true ethos of what Paguro is about. Fast fashion is the second-largest polluter of water, and most people don’t realise how the microfibers damage our oceans.

“And as we have seen this year, fast fashion is not only a disaster for the environment, but also for young women, many of whom work in garment factories for below or at minimum wage, in unregulated labour markets. By donating to CARE and to Transforming Lives for Good, we hope to be helping the fight for better working opportunities for Britain’s young population.”