What I Wore to Glastonbury 2024: A Sustainable Festival Fashion Diary

What I Wore to Glastonbury 2024: A Sustainable Festival Fashion Diary

Glastonbury Festival 2024 was a whirlwind of music, art, and fashion. As an advocate for sustainable living, I took this opportunity to showcase how to stay stylish and eco-friendly during one of the year’s biggest events. My festival wardrobe featured a mix of sustainable brands, thrifted treasures, and beloved pieces from my closet, proving that fashion can be fabulous and responsible.


Throughout the festival, I sported outfits that combined the innovative designs of Paguro Upcycle, the beautifully handmade dress of Hissy Fit, the funky styles of Ben's Buckets, and the unique creations from Bottletop. Each outfit was carefully curated to highlight the versatility and beauty of sustainable fashion. Additionally, I incorporated second-hand finds and items I've cherished for years, emphasising the importance of re-wearing and extending the life of our clothes.


I acknowledge that not every piece in my festival wardrobe was manufactured sustainably. However, by re-wearing and cherishing these items, I am actively extending their lifecycle and demonstrating a commitment to a more sustainable future. Through thoughtful styling and a conscious approach to fashion, we can all make a positive impact, one outfit at a time.


Join me as I break down each day’s ensemble, sharing the stories behind the pieces and tips on how to achieve a sustainable yet trendy festival look. Let’s dive into my Glastonbury fashion diary and celebrate the creativity and impact of sustainable fashion!



To kick off the festival, I embraced a retro vibe with a stunning purple swing dress from Birmingham's own Hissy Fit. Known for their inclusive designs crafted from deadstock fabric, Hissy Fit perfectly aligns with my commitment to sustainability. The dress was a hit, combining style and eco-consciousness seamlessly.


To elevate the festival theme, I accessorised with an old headscarf that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. This piece had retired as room decor, but I brought it back to life to add a vintage flair to my outfit. Rewearing such items not only keeps memories alive but also extends their lifecycle, a small but significant step towards sustainable fashion.


Of course, no outfit is complete without some striking accessories. I cinched the waist of my swing dress with our Paguro Upcycle Slim Recycled Tyre Belt, adding a unique touch and perfect fit. Complementing this were some of our inner tube Choker Necklace (Wave), Bracelet (Bella), and Earrings (Tamara), each piece making a festival-appropriate statement while staying true to our upcycled ethos.


As I walked along the path to our stall, I stumbled upon the perfect finishing touch: an upcycled crossbody bag from Bottletop. This bag, crafted from can and tin pulls, matched the blue accents in my dress perfectly. Handmade at the Bottletop atelier in Itapua, Brazil, it supports local artisans and the wider community, adding a meaningful story to my festival look.



Friday's outfit revolved around the Official Glastonbury Merchandise T-shirt, but with a twist—I bought the kids' size 12-14! Normally, I wouldn’t fit into kids' sizes, but I loved the red t-shirt so much and knew I’d wear it the most. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer red in adult sizes, so I asked to see the largest kids' size available, and to my surprise, it fit perfectly! This experience taught me not to be afraid to ask questions around sizing; trying items before you buy can lead to great finds and ensure you'll wear them more often.


Since it was a cooler day, I paired my amazing new t-shirt with green cargo trousers purchased from a charity shop in Belper, Derbyshire. The combination of the vibrant t-shirt and practical cargo trousers created a balanced look. To add a touch of festival flair, I accessorised with yet another trusty bandana. Bandanas are quintessential festival headwear, and this one did not disappoint.


To complete the ensemble, I added my Paguro Autumn Inner Tube Bracelet for an edgy statement. My Sirius Star Skateboard Necklace perfectly mirrored the Glastonbury windrose on my t-shirt, tying the look together seamlessly. For the final touch, I wore some of my favourite earrings made from discarded electrical wires (Flamenco); the pop of red brought the whole outfit together beautifully.



The heat was back on Saturday, so I opted for a colourful and cool ensemble. My choice was a vibrant bucket hat, a gift from my parents after their visit to a local event with food trucks and breweries. To complement this standout accessory, I wore one of my favourite summer dresses, a charity shop find that I later discovered was from a notorious fast fashion brand. Despite its origins, I have worn this dress countless times, proving that "fast" pieces don't have to be worn fast. Rewearing and keeping items in your wardrobe extends their lifecycle, a small step towards a more sustainable future.


To tie in the colours of the hat, I chose Paguro's best-selling Recycled Wood Cloud Earrings and Cloud Necklace, along with pieces from an upcoming brass collection made from tapware. Double layering necklaces and wearing bracelets as arm cuffs, along with a few rings, added to the festival vibe. See if you can sneak peek our beautiful new range coming out soon!



Sunday at Glastonbury was all about celebrating the legendary Shania Twain, and my outfit was a tribute to festival flair and comfort. My centrepiece was a stunning hand-embellished cowboy hat I purchased at the festival, which immediately became a favourite.


For the main outfit, I paired a green lace top with a pair of vibrant shorts I found in a charity shop during the winter. These shorts had been waiting for their summer debut and didn't disappoint. The hat’s orange accents matched perfectly with the shorts, creating a harmonious and colourful look.


To accessorise, I turned to Paguro's unique pieces. My upcycled Printer Belt Earrings (Lantern) in green and orange tied the outfit together beautifully, matching the shades in my shorts. The Skateboard Bearing Necklace added a quirky yet stylish element, while the Army Tent Bumbag (Platoon) was not just a fashion statement but also incredibly practical for festival essentials.


Bonus Outfit ft Ben's Buckets:

From yet another neighbouring stall, I couldn't resist the amazing and vibrant fabric I could see over at Ben's Buckets. Their products are made by a small shop in Nairobi, employing a dedicated team of tailors. Ben's Buckets follows a slow fashion approach, ensuring their products are sustainably made and that their workers are paid fair wages. They are also committed to giving back to the community, donating to Kenyan primary schools and supporting period poverty initiatives. In fact, I am wearing the dedicated collection for period poverty, with 90% of the profits going towards combating this issue in Kenya.


To balance these bold pieces, I wore them with a simple white top, ensuring the hat and shorts remained the focal points of the outfit. To add a touch of Paguro's unique flair, I wore our Flare Inner Tube Necklace, which perfectly complemented the pattern of the shorts and hat. The Circular Inner Tube Bracelet completed the look, adding an edgy, eco-friendly touch that tied the entire ensemble together. This outfit was not just about looking good but also about supporting ethical fashion and making a difference. It was yet another festival fit done right, blending style, sustainability, and social consciousness effortlessly.


So next time you need some festival outfit inspiration, remember…

My Glastonbury experience this year was a testament to the power of thoughtful fashion choices. Each piece had its own story, from the upcycled accessories by Paguro to the vibrant Kitenge fabrics of Ben's Buckets, showcasing the incredible potential of sustainable fashion. Even the items that weren’t originally made sustainably gained new life through reuse, highlighting the importance of extending the lifecycle of our clothes. As we move forward, let’s continue to embrace sustainability in our fashion choices, proving that we can look good while doing good for the planet.


Glastonbury 2024 was just the beginning—here’s to many more festivals filled with creativity, conscious choices, and unforgettable style.

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