Paguro at Glastonbury 2024: Sneak Peek of New Eco-Friendly Products and Sustainable Festival Tips

Paguro at Glastonbury 2024: Sneak Peek of New Eco-Friendly Products and Sustainable Festival Tips

We're thrilled to announce that Paguro will be joining the festivities at Glastonbury 2024 for the first time in 4 years! This iconic festival isn't just about music—it's a celebration of culture, community, and sustainability. At Paguro, we share these values, and we're excited to bring our unique, eco-friendly products to the Glastonbury crowd.


Sneak Preview: New Artisan Jewellery from Ghana


One of the highlights of our Glastonbury presence will be the unveiling of brand-new jewellery pieces. These stunning creations come from a talented artisan in Ghana, who has expertly crafted each piece using upcycled and sustainable materials. This collaboration is part of our ongoing commitment to support global artisans and promote eco-friendly fashion.


Discover Our Best Festival Products


In addition to our new jewellery, we'll be showcasing a range of festival-ready products designed to enhance your Glastonbury experience while staying true to your eco-conscious values. Here are some of the top picks you can look forward to:


  1. Platoon Recycled Canvas Vegan Fanny Pack (£68.00 GBP)

Our Platoon Recycled Canvas Fanny Pack combines two water-resistant and durable recycled materials: military canvas and reclaimed inner tubes. The pack can be worn around the waist or crossbody and is suitable for both men and women. Ideal for jogging, hiking, or camping, it is secured with a sturdy zip and has a zipped internal pocket for extra security.


  1. Erin Vegan Wristlet and Belt Pouch (£42.00 GBP)

The versatile Erin Vegan Wristlet and Belt Pouch is perfect for carrying gadgets, phones, keys, or make-up. It features an outer zip pocket, attached wristlet strap, and metal top zip fastening. The pouch can also be worn as a bum bag and fits your cards, coins, and notes for light travel. Available in six coloured zips, it’s handcrafted using recycled rubber in an eco-friendly and cruelty-free process.


  1. Ninja Tortoise Vegan Upcycled Backpack (£95.00 GBP)
Our Ninja Tortoise Vegan Upcycled Backpack is a small, compact, and versatile bag perfect for commuting, holidaying, or biking. Made from reclaimed rubber of tire inner tubes, it’s durable and waterproof. It features multiple compartments, a padded pocket for tablets, and cushioned straps for comfort.
  1. Vegan Wallets and Card Holders (starting from £19.00 GBP)

Oliver Slim Eco Friendly Vegan Card Holder by Paguro UpcycleIdeal for pocket carry, our wallets and card holders are handcrafted from recycled inner tubes. They offer a similar texture to leather and unique patterns, making them perfect for eco-conscious festival-goers.


  1. Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyrings (£12.00 GBP)

Zig Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyring by Paguro Upcycle

Our Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyring is a must-have for festival essentials. Each keyring is unique, crafted from discarded skateboards, making it a great gift for beer lovers and skating enthusiasts.


  1. Travel Pouches, Toiletry Bags, and Glasses Cases (starting from £27.00 GBP)

Adela Vegan Glasses Case by Paguro UpcycleMade from tough and waterproof reclaimed rubber, these products provide sturdy protection for your essentials. The soft texture of the rubber prevents scratching, making them perfect for festivals.


  1. Eco-Friendly Jewellery (starting from £17.00 GBP)

Elevate your festival look with our eclectic range of jewellery. Crafted from materials such as electrical wire, skateboard, inner tube, bike chain, plant resin, and wood, our jewellery pieces are designed to spark conversation and intrigue.


Sustainable Festival Practices


While you're enjoying the music and atmosphere at Glastonbury, here are some sustainable practices to keep in mind to minimise your environmental impact:


1. Bring Reusable Items: Pack reusable water bottles, cutlery, and straws to reduce single-use plastic waste.

2. Eco-Friendly Tents: Choose a tent made from recycled materials and take it home to use again.

3. Minimise Waste: Sort your trash, recycle whenever possible, and try to leave no trace behind.

4. Sustainable Fashion: Opt for clothes made from organic or recycled materials and support brands that prioritise sustainability. Equally, shop second hand for the best festival fits!

5. Public Transport and Carpooling: Reduce your carbon footprint by using public transport or carpooling with friends to the festival.


By following these tips, you can enjoy the festival while making a positive impact on the environment.


Join Us at Glastonbury 2024


We can't wait to see you at Glastonbury 2024! Visit our stall to explore our exclusive new products, including the exquisite jewellery from Ghana, and chat with us about sustainable living. Let's make this festival a celebration of music, culture, and eco-friendly practices.


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